Make Hydrogen Happen

hydrogen... the sustainable future

Electric vehicles (EVs) have changed the way consumers think about their zero-emissions vehicle options. Unfortunately, for 40-80 million Americans, EVs are either at best inconvenient or at worst impractical for daily use. Hydrogen fuel cells are the key to a more well-rounded path to lower carbon emissions targets. When widely deployed, consumer hydrogen fuel cell charging will expand the zero-emissions ecosystem while at the same time developing new business opportunities and safeguarding America’s energy independence. EV adoption in the US remains between 1-3% even though more vehicle choice options exist today than two decades ago.
But for most of the US, all-electric EVs and hybrids are the only low emissions option, except in California, where hydrogen has been a growing option that nearly 15,000 drivers have selected over all-electric EVs. Widespread hydrogen fueling will invigorate the car market and renew consumer interest in zero-emissions options since hydrogen fuel cell charging is similar to gasoline (it takes ~4-5 minutes to fill up), vehicles have the power and responsiveness of an EV, and more importantly…hydrogen simply is more sustainable and practical over the long run.

HyMAX believes that hydrogen fuel cell charging should be available in the rest of the country.