Make Hydrogen Happen

are you ready to make hydrogen happen?

Invest in HyMAX

Invest for our future

Invest in HyMAX -- one way to make hydrogen happen is to invest in the renewable economy that powers it.

If you are a California resident, buy an HFCV.

Also check out BMW’s HFCV pilot.

They are for sure getting ready for hydrogen.

California residents

Hydrogen is already happening in California!

Right now you can buy a brand new Hyundai NEXO or Toyota Mirai

Ready yet?​

BMW is ready to make hydrogen happen!

Look into well-paid clean energy career opportunities.

US Gov’t Clean Energy Jobs


The highest-paying jobs in the future will be EV/HFCV related.

Mechanics, hydrogen supply and service techs, construction specialists, light/heavy duty maintenance, carrier engineer!


These jobs will require more education to work with electricity and hydrogen and very specific know-how.

Think about the MILLIONS of people for practical reasons can’t/won’t go electric.

No less than FORTY MILLION (40,000,000) Americans are left out of the EV revolution.

Three reasons:

  1. EVs are expensive (and so are HFCVs). Battery manufacturing adds significant production and operating costs to EVs and to a smaller extent HFCVs.  For EVs the cost of the home charger setup [commonly around $15K including equipment, installation, and wiring] should be associated with the EV car price!)
  2. Not owning your own place.  Apartment, town-home, and condo dwellers — anyone without an attached garage — are often unable to install charging facilities where they live [see the earlier bullet].  Hydrogen answers this problem because you fill up with H2 just like you do with gasoline – at local stations.
  3. Range anxiety and the dreaded dead battery!  Whether traveling for short or long distance trips many fear being stranded with a dead battery with no charger nearby to use.  This could spell the end to the cross-country road trip in an EV.

Express concerns to elected officials

  • Research and data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (the independent statistics and analysis arm within the U.S. Dept of Energy) shows there is less than 50 years of oil reserves left on earth.  We need to develop global alternatives for this eventuality now.
  • The U.S. Dept of Energy has repeatedly outlined the need for electrical grid improvements in the nation.  Recently releasing its National Transmission Needs Study, the USDoE once again reaffirms the patchwork of networks that make up the American electric grid requires trillions of dollars worth of improvements.
    • Introducing millions of electric vehicles to replace gasoline-powered vehicles will impact every residential and commercial electricity customer.
  • Research the future of lithium and future demand compared to supply estimates.
  • There are efforts to recycle high-value materials of all kinds.  The net-effect continues to be growing landfills.  Concepts to reuse lithium from spent batteries are not economically feasible.

Stay informed & share only climate change FACTS.

Read our blog Hydrogen in the News and factual/evidence-based news sources.